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This week Year 13 students were shown how to make frittata whilst undertaking the Cooking for University Life course.

Chances are, before students start university and face up to three years or more of independent living, they won't have spent too many hours in the kitchen at home, training and honing their culinary skills to a fine art. Cooking's the kind of thing that is often left to parents, the meal that magically appears on the table. University is the perfect time to further develop culinary skills and a new found confidence in the kitchen. By the time students have finished the Marling School Cooking for University Life course and cooked a range of dishes, they will have a bank of reliable recipes that can be used time and time again.

The course objectives are:   

  • Memory refresher - basic cooking using key budget recipes.
  • To make a selection of stunning dishes that will form part of an essential repertoire and tool kit in preparation for September 2014.
  • To increase knowledge of the Eatwell plate and confidently apply it when meal/menu planning.
  • To implement hygienic practices avoiding cross contamination and illness.
  • To gain essential knowledge to become a wise food shopper.


If you're in Year 13, it's not too late to sign up for the course.
Mrs Colley


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