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On Tuesday 19 November a team of four students from Years 11, 12 and 13 competed at Wycliffe College at the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge competition.

The STMC is a competition testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills, and students compete against teams from other schools and colleges from their region.

There are three rounds to the competition:

  • Group Competition - There are ten questions which the teams have around 40 minutes to solve. Teams must decide their own strategy: work in pairs, as a group or individually.
  • Crossnumber - Similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Teams work in pairs. One pair has the across clues, and the other pair has the down clues. Pairs work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction.
  • Mini Relay - Members of the team have to answer mathematical questions which they can begin work on immediately but information passed from other members of the team is needed to solve them completely.


The team did extremely well, but the competition was very stiff this year!

On Thursday 7 November the individual competition was held at Marling School, and students had some fantastic results, with 5 Gold , 12 Silver and 11 Bronze certificates awarded.

Additionally, Fred Burns and Pete Roper have qualified to sit the European Senior Kangaroo paper on Thursday 28 November, and Bede Frank has qualified for the British Maths Olympiad; making him one of a thousand sixth formers with a chance to represent the UK in international competitions.


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