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On Wednesday 4 December, the Year 9 Sports Leaders were invited to help adjudicate an Indoor Sports Athletics competition. In the morning, we had a visit from Paralympic silver medallist in archery, Mel Clark. She spoke to us about her experiences in life, from being rejected from sport in school to becoming a world-class athlete. She spoke about the leadership work she does in schools across the country with Sky Sports and told us about the six points for successful leadership: Mental Toughness, Hunger to Achieve, People Skills, Sports and Life Knowledge, Breaking Barriers, and Planning for Success. Mel also had her Olympic torch and Paralympic silver medal.

Joe Hall and Chris Hale, 9E

On Wednesday 4 December 2013, Paralympian Archer and Paralympic Silver Medallist Mel Clarke came to the Sports Hall to give a talk on what it takes to become a champion. She told us about her life and about the hardships she faced growing up. We did a variety of team building activities linked to the six keys to success; mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sports and life knowledge, breaking barriers and planning for success.

Later on in the day, four local primary schools, Nailsworth, Woodchester, Amberley and St Dominic’s, came to the Sports Hall to participate in a sporting competition. The school that won would progress to the district stage, held at Wycliffe College. This competition was to be refereed by a group of Year 9s. They took part in a variety of events, such as the standing triple jump and the relay.

Overall, it was a good day, full of excitement and the children looked like they enjoyed themselves, which was very encouraging and rewarding.

Dan Guthrie and Broderick Haldane-Unwin, 9E


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