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Unit 1 and Unit 2 will be sat at the end of Year 11 and will consist of two 1 hour 45 minute written papers. Each unit will contribute 50% towards the final grade for the course.

There is no longer a coursework component in this subject, meaning the total grade is based on performance in the exam. This makes consistent and active revision of the wide range of content vital for the achievement of high grades.

Course content:

Psychology GCSE offers an introduction to the exciting subject of Psychology, “The Science of Mind and Behaviour”. The course offers you a chance to learn about your own and others psychological processes in the following topics:

1. Cognition and behaviour                         Memory Different types of memory, models of how memory works, factors that affect the relability of eye witness testimony.
Perception Theories of how we interpret visual information, visual illusions, factors that affect perception
Development Development of basic brain structures, development of intelligence, learning styles
Research Methods Scientific methods of conducting research including experiments, observations and interviews, experimental design, hypothesis, sampling techniques methods of control, data analysis, graphs and ethical consideration.
2. Social context and behaviour Social influence Conformity, obedience, social loafing, deindividulation, bystandr behaviour, crowd behaviour.
Language, thought and communication Relationship between language and thought, human and animal communication, non-verbal communication
Brain and Neuropsychology Human nervous system, neuron structure and function, functions of different areas of the brain, brain scanning techniques
Phycological problems Mental health trends in society over time, characteristics, Explanaitions and treatments for depression, characteristics, explanations and treatments for addiction.

You will be introduced to many of the key scientific concepts and skills. However, as well as having a theoretical basis, Psychology is a science and is based on research. You will have the opportunity to learn about/experience the research first hand by carrying out mini experiments yourself.


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