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The Marling Parent and Staff Association (Marling PSA) is a voluntary organisation entirely made up of parents of Marling School students and a number of very dedicated School Staff.

We have the interests of our students at heart and take great pride in our school. A number of times a year we run extra curricular activities that raise money to assist the School with the funding of items required by the School that fall outside the normal educational funding mechanisms. Over the last year the PSA has spent over £10,000 on extra equipment, examples of which are new books for the school library, the school minibus, iPads for the PE department, stage lighting for the hall, a camera lens for the art department and student art display units amongst others.

We have plans for much, much more but we need your support!

We would like to introduce you to our new Chair, Oliver Wrigley

I'm a Software Engineer by profession, with a son who started Year 7 in 2015. Also I have 5 years' experience in Education working as a TEFL teacher, abroad and in the UK. Through social media I am engaging the students, parents and friends of the school in all our fund raising activities.  I am looking forward to attending and helping at school events, and want to ensure the PSA continues to run smoothly and meets the needs of the school wherever it can.  Anyone, parent or otherwise, wanting to help the school raise much needed funds can do so, at no cost to themselves, by joining our EasyFundraising campaign here. So far our fund raising has provided important resources to the school including for example, school bus payments, a camera lens, and papers/journals for the Library. 

Please also support us by following us on Twitter and liking our facebook page.

The Twitter handle is @MarlingPSA 




The PSA Committee:
Chair: Oliver Wrigley 
Vice-Chair: Penny Bowen
Secretary: Marina Galkin
Refreshments Coordinator: Sue Davies and Sarah Gorman
Social Media Coordinator : Oliver Wrigley


The current second hand uniform stock list can be found here.  For purchasing items, please see here.

Items we currently need are:  Blazers - all sizes  /  Football boots / Rugby boots / Trainers / PE Kit - please snip out embroidered names  

Please make sure all items are in good condition, washed and ironed. Items we don't currently need: Please no donations of shirts or trousers for the time being.

Is there something you need but don’t see on the stock list? Contact us at and we can put out the request in our next email.





Christmas Fayre Saturday 2 December 2017

11am - 4pm

Marling School Hall

Any Ideas

2nd Hand Uniform

To see the current stock list of 2nd hand uniform, please view it here.

Please contact Nicky Bailey in Reception to arrange a time to purchase 2nd hand uniform.

Latest News

The PSA are now registered with easyfundraising. This means that if you buy things from suppliers (such as Amazon, M&S and Tesco Direct) through the easyfundraising website the PSA will automatically receive a charitable contribution! This works for personal purchases but you could also use it to purchase items for your business or workplace. This is a very simple and easy way to raise money for the school so please make use of the easyfundraising link whenever you purchase something online. The more you use the link, the more the school and ultimately the students receive.


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