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Illness/Injury at School

Students should report to Reception  if they feel unwell during the school day and if he is not well enough to remain in school, staff will telephone the person nominated by parents as First Contact (if not available then other contacts) and arrange for the student to be collected. Students should not make private arrangements to be collected. When a child requires hospital attention, either through injury or illness, the school will contact a parent, to accompany the child. Should a parent be unavailable or the injury/illness is too serious to await a parents’ arrival at school, a member of staff will accompany a child to hospital but treatment does not usually commence until the parent arrives. 

Absence Reporting

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the School of the reason for a student absence by 9.00am on each day of absence. For known medical absences of more than one day a first day phone call should be made followed by regular contact with school to update information. The School will operate a phone home system and a parent/carer of every absent student will be contacted by the Attendance Officer.

Dental/Medical Appointments

School should be informed in advance wherever possible of any medical appointment. Your son should show the appointment/letter card to his Form Tutor and to any teacher whose lesson he will miss. All boys must sign out of school at Reception and produce the appointment card/letter where it will be taken from them and details recorded in attendance, students must sign back in if they return during the school day. This procedure should be followed for any occasion that requires your son to leave during the school day. 

Absence Request

Request for any absence other than medical or dental must be made using the school’s Absence Request Form. These forms are available to download from the Parent Zone area of MarVLE or a paper copy is available on request from your son’s form tutor or from Reception. 

Arriving Late to School

The Marling school day starts at 8.40am and students are expected to be in school for this time. If a student arrives after this time he must sign in at Reception on arrival and record his reason for lateness in the signing in book.  

What to do if …

You lose:

• Your bus pass – go to student reception

• Your lunch money – go to student reception

• Any of your property :

- retrace your steps from when you lost it

- ask your friends

- check with your teachers

- check with student reception 

(if your property is named and arrives at student reception  you will be given a slip which asks you to collect it from us)

The sooner you act the more likely you are to find lost property. Named property is far more likely to find its way to you so remember to name as many of your possessions as you can.

You feel unwell:

• tell your teacher if you are in a lesson

• go to student reception if it is during break or lunchtime

• don’t phone home, we will do that for you

You feel you are being bullied:

Tell somebody – your tutor, your Head of Year, any teacher or member of staff or use the bully boxes located around school.  All of these people will support you and discuss the different ways that the situation can be sorted out.

You need to sign out:

You can only do this if you have a note with you from home or the office has been informed in advance. At the time you are due to leave you must show the note to the teacher whose class you are leaving and also to staff at student reception.   You will then be asked to put your name, time and details of where you are going in the signing out book.


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